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                            Opere in CD-ROM, CD-I, CD-TV, DVD

 THE BRITANNICA ENCYCLOPÆDIA CD 2000 DELUXE  83.000 articoli, 16 milioni di riferimenti - 2.500 immagini, carte, disegni, etc.
 CLASSIC LIBRARY  2000 opere complete dei più insigni autori inglesi
 McGRAW-HILL ZANICHELLI   seconda edizione  Dizionario enciclopedico scientifico e tecnico
 MERRIAM WEBSTER’S COLLEGE DICTIONARY & THES.  214.000 Defir, 130.000 Synonyms, 100.000 audio pronunciations, 100 illustrations
 Un documentario di Laurence Jourdan - Time, 2005, 52 min.         DVD
Un esclusivo reportage, in inglese e francese sul genocidio degli armeni.
 A new media film designed to entertain and educate.
Un divertente film in lingua inglese di un'ora con animazioni e musica



                            Opere in VIDEOCASSETTA

A  ANNA AND THE KING  Jodie Foster Chow Yun-Fat  In Italia col titolo: Idem


B  BLADE RUNNER   Harrison Ford, Sean Young  Idem
   BODYGUARD (The)   Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston  GUARDIA DEL CORPO 
   BORN YESTERDAY   Melanie Griffith, J. GoodmanV  NATA IERI
   brubaker   Robert  Redfort  Idem




E  EASY RIDER P.Fonda, D.Hopper, J.Nicholson  Idem


F  FACE OFF      J. Travolta, N. Cage  Idem
   fugitive  (The)  Harrison Ford  IL FUGGITIVO


   GREEN CARD Gérard Depardieu, Andie MacDowell  MATRIMONIO DI CONVENIENZA


I  indipendence day   Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum  Idem


K  KALIFORNIA B. Pitt, J. Lewis  Idem




M  MATRIX          Keanu  Reeves, L. Fishburne  Idem
   MEN IN BLACK     S. Spielberg  L’UOMO IN NERO


P  PERFECT MURDER ( A)  Michael douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow  DELITTO PERFETTO
   PRETTY WOMAN Richard Gere, Julia Roberts  Idem


R  RAPA NUI J. S. Lee, E. Morales, S. Holt  Idem
   RISING SUN   S. Connery, W. Snipes  SOL LEVANTE
   ROBIN HOOD “Prince of thieves” Kevin Costner  ROBIN HOOD PRINCIPE DEI LADRI


   SISTER ACT M. Smith  Idem


   TITANIC L. Di Caprio, K. WinsletV  Idem


Y  YOU’VE GOT M@IL T. Hanks, M. Ryan  C’È POST@ PER TE





                          Supporti allegati a Speak Up (De Agostini/Rizzoli) contenti interviste attuali e storiche, brani da films, etc.

                          Opere in audiocassetta


 A: Russian roulette; The grand tour; Holydays in Hell; Dog eat dog;
 B: The Century Collection: John Lennon, Jackie Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Salman Rushdie


 A: Charlie and me; Frankly, my dear..; Food Glorious food!; Underground talk.
 B: The century Collection: Bill Gates, Virginia Wolf, Charlie Chaplin, O.J. Simpson


 A: The end of the world as we know it? – The beauty and the bard – Small but special – Gullah, ghosts & 
 B: The Century Collection: Jack Kerouac, Amelia Earhart, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan


 A: The future on film – Forget something – What’s cooking? – On salvation mountain
 B: The Century Collection: John F. Kennedy, Lee H. Oswald, Jane Russel, Bertrand Russel


 A: Beatty on bulworth – America’s writer – Berenice A Tale – The real thing
 B: The Century Collection: Mahatma Gandhi, Robert De Niro, T.S. Eliot, Edward VIII


 A: Uter Rubbiss – The Real Britain – Mother Earth
 B: The Century Collection: Richard Nixon, Marylin Monroe, John Steinbeck, Neil Armstrong


 A: A sense of duty – Go with the flow – Shop till you drop – The town and the city
 B: The Century Collection: Tony Blair, Fred Astaire, Jim Morrison, Sir A. Conan Doyle


 A: Will Smith’s wild wild best – Hannibal goes to Italy – The tomb of the unknown artist – Back to nature
 B: The Century Collection: Lady Diana, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Leonard Bernstein


 A: The City – Feeling the force – Tell me about it, baby! – A Bronx tale – Writers and tourists
 B: The Century Collection: Orson Wells, Henry Moore, David Bowle, Audrey Hepburn


 A: From stars…To starbucks – Husband hunting in N.Y. – 15 miles on the Erie canal
 B: The Century Collection: Winston Churchill, J.F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan


 A: Millennium madness – Good-bye Bill, hello George? – Slam Duncan – Dumb and dumber
 B: Newcastle: a city come alive! – A colony in conflict


 A: The italians are coming! – The great rock’n’roll swindle – Indipendents’ day
 B: Europe’s youngest capital – A walk on the underside


 A: Come into my chatroom.. – An ideal husband – The beach – The wild world of south park
 B: The australian dream – The new age market – High-tech heaven


 A: The DVD boom – An englishman in New york – Look at him!
 B: Hooked on knitting – The small of America – My day at the dome


 A: Get to know Canada! – The party’s over! – T-babe talks – The case for the defence – The green mile
 B: Harlem, U.S.A. – The nightclub boom


 A: The rise of red Ken – Made in Italy – The Wicca way
 B: Chester – Voyage to the Antartic


 A: The death of the book? – The voice of Bhangra – Fighting Hollywood’s battle of the sexes
 B: Hot & hip Brooklin! – A green and pleasant land


 A: The prince of fame – The american way – The new girl’s network – Escape from New York
 B: The fortunate islands


 A: The Bill and Tony show – Guns under fire – The legend lives on
 B: Going downtown – Money, movies and magic


 A: London’s changing face – Disney’s dream comes true – The summerhill experiment
 B: An american journey – A walk on the Wet Side


 A: No way, baby! – Rocky the rooster – Noah’s ark goes digital
 B: Roosevelt’s adirondacks – Talking about walking


 A: Huntesville, Texas – The revenge of the welsh – It’s a hip hop nation!
 B: Horror show – A winter paradise


 A: Did Jesus really exist? – Carl Anderson superstar – Girl power
 B: The new britons – Romantic Bronx – Hip Hoxton


 A: Zadie Smith’s white teeth – Red rage – The horrors of history
 B: The sound of Seattle – Get high in London


 A: Vampires among us – The real Billy Elliot – All-night Manchester
 B: Brand new – San – A green dream


 A: Listening to the angels – Survival of the fittest? – What the F*** did you say?
 B: I only have ice for you – The Wild, Wild West – Northern Soul


 A: He bangs! He bangs! – London’s new voices – Love on line 
 B: Torture television – Heaped earth – David leavitt: Italy mon amour


 A: The Orkneys – Bruce Springsteen – Ellis Islands 
 B: That’s my Bush! – Hullabaloo in the tree – Hanif Kureishi


 A: The Shannon:Angela’s River; Ireland’s Literary Boom; See Emily play; Williamsburg:New York’s happ
 B: What’s your phobia?; The termite inspector 

  197/01  A: Spiritual Britain- Black out panic- what's in a name? - Out of Europe
 B: Heard the one about the blonde...- Monaco

 A: The celtic revival - Holliwood's mystery man - The water of life - Patrick's pilgrims  
 B: Precious - A nice way to feel


 A: The place of presidents - N. Kidman - H. Grant - The soul at work - England's lesbian paradise 
 B: Average waves in unprotected waters


 A: I was there - An amazing race - On being myself - The last good band of the year   
 B: Call if you need me

  201/01  A: All change at Soho - Don't you...forget about me - Life after september 11th
 B: What will Hollywood do? - Loaves and fish - Green glass
  202/01  A: A west side story-Welcome to Wellywood-In search of the good life-In defence of Islam-Because I wrote a hit 
 B: Water child
  203/02  A: A beautiful mind - It's a dog's life! - Sinatra's place
 B: A tunnel back to life - "The poteen maker"
  204/02  A: The ground zero debate - The Beatles live on - An englishman in Milan - The pros and the cons
 B: "We're winning the war on terror" - "The raft"
  205/02  A: An amazing race - A modest proposal - It's slam!night  - Don't be shy!
 B: Come away with me - Another duke ellington story - The greatness of duke
  206/02  A: Born again woman - Legalize it! - In defence of football - the adultery agency - 1 giant leap
 B: The bystander - Shenker kids
  207/02  A: Cottage cuisine - these heathen times - 50 years on - The world cup conspiracy - The british are coming!
 B: "About fog and cappuccino"- The shenker english workout
208/02  A: Life on the oceanwave - Weird sex please, we're british - Napster boy! - Violent or valiant? (part1)
 B: Violent or valiant? (part2) - "the boy from montana" - Shenker speaks up
210/02  A: Remembering september 11th - In defence of children - One city one book: the british experience - A rural retreat - Dumped! (part1)
B: Dumped! (part2) - "Virtual" - Shenker speak up
211/02  A: American beauty - To dub or not to dub? - Crisis? What crisis?- The 5 o'clock drug (part1)
 B: The 5 o'clock drug (part2) - "Pretty ice" - Shenker speaks up
212/02  A: what's so funny? - The art of happinsess? - What's your accent?
 B: Overnight sensation - "Montana"- And his father before him
213/02   A: The busiest street in the world - The stolen election - Country goes to London - Who's angry now?
 B: "This dog's life" - This writer's life - Shenker speaks up
214/02  A: Life after the police - A controversial figure - Why english? - The breakfast of champions
 B: The easyjet experience - "The standard of living"
215/03  A: Join coldplay and see the world - Taking it to the streets-  Something sinister - Cyber-begging
 B: The best of british - "The law"
216/03  A: The trouble with Italy - Rob and me - back in the bad old days
 B: the football war - See you on the dark side of the moon -"Going up and coming down"

                            Opere in Compact Disc

217/03  The war against Bush; The land that time forgot; The language of utopia; the mechanics of destruction; A city of
  churches;  Hom to be hip 
218/03  In St. Patrick's footsteps; London's car wars; "Shame on you, mr Bush!"; A hidden agenda?; Frying the french;
  Boys will be boys; Do you speak up?; Barcelona
219/03  On the murder trail; The future of freemasonry; An american in Venice; The wildest show on earth;  A reading; Is
   there life after...;  Our man in Milan; "The lottery"
220/03  Walking along Hadrian's Wall; Fat is beautiful!; What would Jesus drive?; A question of love?; Titanic town; Inside
  Las Vega; Ciao for now
221/03  Life in the capital; Clothes off; Festival fever; Join me; A man of courage; True tales of american life; Toilet humour
222/03  Northern lights; The appeal of Bush; Legalize it!; The macho world of foosball; The globalization of football; Life
  after SARS; Union blues; Trinity exam
223/03  Life on the edge; the ehglish revival; The invisible frontier; You know what...?; I will survive; Muslim humour; The
  meaning of life; Baby
224/03  The celtic connection; Old blue eyes; People power; El inglés; All that jazz; Beyond madness; Powder; The
  Queen's english
225/03  Amazing Manchester; No smoke without fire; The rejection; The bells are ringing!; Paradise on earth; Oh, yes it is!;
  Music with a message; Mnemonics; The dolce vita; English made easy
226/04  Surviving Sylvia; The passport to success; Can you believe it?; Men in black; The mystery tunnels; The parkour
 phenomenon; Charles
227/04  Celebrity management; When men meet; Welcome to Brixton; Bald is beautiful; To blog ot not to blog; Music in
 the New...; Filling every seat...; The whistle
228/04  Mater musician; Vile viruses; Hear ye!hear ye! One man, one bike; American pi; Dinner in the dark; Italian culture
 on Campus; Talking trash; The sacrifice ...
229/04  A feast for the senses; A touch of the wild; The latest status symbol; Beer, bacon and criminals; The war on
 bullying; Mr. Iris; Howie day; Driving in the USA; The passenger; Reunion
230/04  A monster role; The weatherman; Dorset, Devon and...; When dolls divorce; A place of workship; The M
 generation; A sticky problem; On music and madness; Fear of flying; The smooking room; A life of mistery
231/04  Happy birthday, baby; The book town boom; On life and Led Zeppelin; Strawberry lunch forever; The hardest
 job; Defeating the devil; The big picture; The colour of magic; No smoking! It's the law!; Old time
232/04  The great british eccentric; Living language; The tribute band boom; A question of identity; In hardy country; Gypsy
 queen; When it's cruel to be kind; Over the top tips; After the wink
233/04  The vegas of Europe; Moore attacks; long live radio Caroline; Earthships; the end of the might sky; Dice decision;
 Americans abroad; The awakening; Tea
234/04  King Arthur's Britain; Arthur' girl; Big brother's watching; Karma cabs; Football poetry;  Beneath our city streets; Sound therapy; A star is reborn; Class struggle; A telephone call
235/04  The wild west; So who cares?; A helping hand; Survival in the fast; I, will; A dying art?; Working harder than ever;
 The right accent; the bully
236/04  The wisky Cruise; Old father Thames; The spiritualist revival; Bond, James Bond; The future is on line; Any question answered; Life goes on; Not my grandmother's...; Killing rabbits;
237/04  An interview with the devil; Home of the hoodoos; An original new yorker; In the land of legend; Playing in the
 ghetto; The consolation of philosophy; Will Britain ever sober up?; The gospel truth; The security obsession; Hot or
 cold; Let it snow
238/05 Bridget is Back; The Power of Water; In Search of the Good Life; A City with a Story to Tell; The Boys in Blue; The Importance of Being; Don't You Hate SUVs?; They're Made out of Meat; Fashionable Words.
239/05 How to win an oscar; who is the real eminem?; health news; it's a strange world!; buzz words; the vikings of york; lady liberty; about a boy; in the italian school; spam spam wonderful spam; my big fat iranian wedding. 
240/05 The fox finally wins!; steve jobs: a man with a vision; it's a strange, strange world!; words, words; the lost rivers of london; london's changing skyline; taxi!; an industrial revolution; the night-flying scotsman; a white guy in harlem
241/05 The London marathon; Condoleezza Rice; Strawberry fields forever; That wedding; the joy of the juilliard; california's Galapagos; The problem with the british; fear of flying 
244/05 Gordon Brown; Miami's mango festival; Holiday on the Titanic!; Moby's America; It's a mystery; You are what you eat; The right to choose; Perfect armony; The man who married; Smokers need love, too!; The last laugh
245/05 The Notting Hill festival; Vivienne westwood; Elvis week at Graceland; This building means New York; The Pink Floyd reunion; On the border; Waiting for the big one; Knocking on retirement's door; The italian effect; She waits
246/05 Joss Stone; The last night of the proms; The lungs of London; A star at 20; The big match; Pedal power; Going global; The man who eats Italy; The art rocker; Children know; Genesis and..
247/05 Bob Geldof; Halloween; Strange stories; Caerphilly castle; In navajo country; The ghost capital of England;
248/05 Paris Hilton; Thanksgiving; Nottingham's city of caves; The beauty of Britain; We hate MTV; The sacred cult of the tomato; Do you speak euro-englisg?; Million dollar boxing
249/05 Queen Elizabeth; Hogmanay; Singing in the rain; An american in LOndon; Gourmet Ireland; Poker crazy; Merry Christmas, mr. Ebay; The failure of artificial; The book of the blues; The millionaires' magician
250/06 Understanding the zodiac; TC's desperate house wives; The winchester mystery house; Design gone crazy; The romance of Scotland; In defence of violence; The power of Pantone; 60 years young; Pride and prejudice; The language police; Too much to bear; The last laugh
251/06 Google power; George Clooney; The medieval magic of chester; In Jane Austen country; Break my heart!; Belfast safaris; Confession of a paparazzo; Harry Potter and the..; Love on-line; Animal farm; Taking time for slow food; 
252/06 Jimmy Wales; It's a dog's life; In Shakespeare contry; The rock; Britain's clone towns; Ready for take-off!; The lord of laughs;That guitarman from central..; Woodstock revisited; A language for all; Job history;
253/06 Oprah Winfrey; Rent; The art of Henry Moore; My life as a witch; The beautiful soerrins; Angelina, is that you?; The man from placebo; St. George for England!; Made in Italy; The great british pudding; An amrican in St. Peter's
254/06 Dan Brown; The british identity crisis; Scotland with style; The great british pub; The forbes rich list; All roads lead to Rome; The genius of Frank Zappa;
255/06 Corinne Bailey Rae; Fredericksburg; Working on happiness; Long live the queen?; Saving our city; And the band plays on; The living theatre; Advance Australia fair; God save the queen; God bless our homeland;
256/06 Tattoo time; James lovelock; Welcome to potatoland; Like a Rolling Stone; The greatest show on earth; Dark star; Divided by a common; Inspirational Ireland; More than a museum; Memento mori
257/06 The burning man festival; Norah Vincent; True or false?; St. Michael's mount; Superman returns; Happy birthday Los Angeles!; In love with a vespa; Al Gore's inconvenient truth; An american epic; Rule Britannia; Folk Heroes
258/06 Tell me what you wear; David Cameron; Blackpool; Musical madness; Words, words; Jennifer Aniston; Greetings from Asbury Park; The problem with Italy; Away from it all; In or out?America's dilemma; Punk rock at 30; Art under attack; Reference (part 1 and 2); The last laugh.
259/06 Bill Elliot the musical; Anita Roddick; Goonhilly; Cats,cats,cats; Words,words; The devil wears Prada; Portland the creative city; Good manners; All that Jazz; I love art deco; Fast food nation; Pronunciation and prejudice; Death by scrabble(part 1 and 2); The last laugh
260/06 Hilary Swank; Skiing in Scotland; Guitar legend; Eccentric ecology; Words,words; The giglio boys; A living legend:B.B.King; Erica Jong is back; Seducing the demon; A load of blarney; A woman's view; Nuclear power, no thanks; The last laugh.
261/06 Dr House; Rochester celebrates dickens; Barbados; Police& thieves; Words,words; My life as a sex goddess; The transformation of Tacoma; Peace mom; The xmas flower; Bagel mania; Guitar wizard; Marley &me; The last laugh.
262/07 kate Winslet; The ice hotel; But is it art?; The pirates of Florida; Words,words; Craig,Daniel Craig; The celtic connection; Welcome to hell; Britain's debt problem; Hypnosis,anyone?; It's a dog's life; The China syndrome; John; The last laugh.
264/07 Paolo Nutini; Gilbert and George; The London duck tour; It's a man's world; Words,words; Dreamgirl Beyonce; Escape from New York; The cowboy poets; In pole position; Donkey love; Culture shock; The tale of Peter Rabbit; Being beatrix; English in Malta; The last laugh.
265/07 Fergie; The Oxford-Cambridge boat race; Hiking in th UK; Advertising madness; Words, words; The amazing Mr Bean; Hillary v.Barack; State of the union; City high flyers; The queen and I; What's their real name?; Crime& punishment; Two little girls in blue; The last laugh.
266/07 Daniel Radcliffe; The ghosts of Edinburgh; Book fever; The best things in life; Take that!; Mika superstar; The bookstores of New York; Masters of sands; Not cricket; Welcome to paradise; Girls just want to have fun; The future and how to cope with it; Room full of mirrors; The last laugh.
267/07 Paul McCartney; Royal Ascot; Downham; Bizarre is beautiful; Using your elbows; How good is their English? A coney island of the mind; The cost of the celtic tiger; Biking the big apple; An American in Venice; The stupid war; Cartoon hero; The music revolution; Marrying the mistress; Joanna Trollope; The last laugh.
268/07 Lewis Hamilton; The Genesis reunion; The really really free market; Food, glorious food; A bit of zip; The umbrella girl; Viva Las Vegas; Beside the seaside; Harlem a new renaissance; The art of Galway; Jeffrey and Judas; I've got a bike; Myspace generation; Next; The last laugh.
269/07 Nancy Pelosi; In Harley-Davidson country; The isle of Sark; Shark tales; Making it; Thanks for the memories; New York stories; Eco-Orlando; Walking on water; The heart and soul of Seattle; A good read; A room with a view; A wonderful wedding; The txt generation; American city life(part 1 &2);The last laugh.
270/07 The perfect girl; It's party time in little Italy; The isle of Mull; Full moon madness; Let's do it; The great American family; Ireland's wild west; Phisical graffiti; Italy's rugby fever; A time of atonement; Are you feeling sicko?; Putting your life in order; Movies under the stars; Simulating life; Nickel and Dimed; The last laugh.
271/07 The real Robin Hood?; Christopher Columbus; Sellafield power plant; The appliance of science; A big deal; Ripley's believe it or not; Pacific paradise; Like after supertramp; Breakfast in America; Me Tom, you Jane; Breathe in ...breathe out; The rose of Tralee; A rich aroma; When phones rule the world; A short history of nearly everything;The last laugh.
272/07 Dustin Hoffman; Tampa's cigar festival; Big sur; The world's smallest pub; In the bag; Rehab?No!No!No!;The wild west; God bless America; The ring of love and friendship; Blowin' free; To boldly go; A game of chess; The other myspace; Radio gigabytes; Video killed the radio star; Red carpets and other; The last laugh.
273/07 The man behind facebook; Those new year's resolutions; Christmas island; Christmas is coming; Keep it up; Lion or lamb? Winter wonderland; Garibaldi in America; Hope in South Dakota; Angelina Jolie's mighty heart; An Italian in New York; Under the Tuscany sun; The greatest show on earth; The magic is in the hole; Beowulf; Happy xmas(war is over);The last laugh.
274/08 Lonelygirl; The big five-0; Shopping in the big apple; Jobs,jobs,jobs; Don't give up; Nicole Kidman superstar; London in love; Experience music; Hey Joe; The art of madness; Deadwood after the gold rush; The athlete's confession; Taxi driver; The invasion of the pod people; I am legend; The last laugh.
275/08 Oliver Sacks; Happy birthday, leapers; The perfect world of Bekonscot; Animal life; The language of business; The return of Ringo; Yellow submarine; The centre of time and space; Welcome to dinosaur country; Western style; Fabulos Fabio; Dustin Hoffman; A spot of sherry; Help(and how to get it); Virtual war, real danger; PS I love you; The last laugh.
276/08 Paul Potts superstar; The St Patrick's day parade; Mysterious Britain; American crime; Money talks; The Guinnes empire; Peace and love; The Freegan phenomenon; Close encounters in Wyoming; Kate Nash drama queen: Welcome to wall; What would gandhi think?: The business of cleaning; Into the blogosphere; into the wild; Sean Penn; The last laugh
277/08 Vanessa Redfrave; Taxes, bloody taxes; Bletchley park; Warm is beautiful; Positive words, negative events; A story set in stone; tara forever?; Is the Jacklope a joke?; Don Conreaux the gongmaster; A... monster of a movie; Cricket, Italina style; The hight price of low-cost; Smoking can kill; the end of the book; The girl who walked home alone; Bette Davis Eyes; The last laugh
278/08 Phil Knight; The fat duck; Cars of the future; Any indication?; Football fever; We are the champions; Is McCain the man?; Duffy's delight; The call of the wild; The druid revival; The center of the nation; John Foot on Italian memory; The world's best ventriloquist; The wonders of world music; The good, the bad and google; Brick lane; The last laugh
279/08 Bloomsday; Help me, Rhonda; Walking along dales way; Dog days; The green page; Jesse, the other McCartney; The Maori connection; Paris is burning; The price of fame; Summer of '69; Meeting the presidents face to face; Wild, wild horses; War and peace; Let's talk dirty; You are being watched; The war of the worlds; The father or science fiction; The last laugh
280/08 The cntroversial Mr Morton; The great British holiday; The Canterbury tales; The economic naturalist; The green page(part 2); As she is ...; No one; teach your children; The secret life of the Thames; last night at Moby's place; Finding beauty; Segue away; Young at heart; The extreme commuter, Wiki-thinking; Love falls; In love with Italy; The last laugh
281/08 Mia Farrow; London 4 free; Summer madness; On the road; Let's talk about sex..and the city; Richie Havens remembers Woodstock; Bananas; Hannah Montana; Dancing for women's rights; Can you cross the bridge? The energy state; The problem with plastic; The decline of the gentleman?; Greetings from outer space; Floydspotting; The last laugh
282/08 Boris Johnson; Say cheese; Dylan Thomas' laugharne; You bet; The British education system; Changin places; The great Liffey swim; English in Ireland; The badlands; In the land of the all blacks; The return of x-files; Waiting for the ufos; I'm an aline; Life after Bollywood; Save your brain; No hard evidence connection Bin Laden; The last laugh
283/08 Simon Cowell; Scottish stories; Sand castles at South Padre; Mind the gap; The American education system; Mamma mia, Meryl's back; Philadelphia freedom; Dublin's gosts; Golden gosts; Cyndi Lauper "I love Obama"; A presidential movie; Defending the capital; The battle of the sexes; Knitting mania; The bionic revolution; Carpentaria; When dreams come true; The last laugh
284/08 Grace Jones; Super cats; The ring of stones; Food, glorious food; You rang, sir? Guitar hero; Whiskey in the jar; Farewell, Paul Newman; Saving the whale; A passion for fashion; A second childhood; America forgiven; The cost of war; Technology: god or bad? Self-made man; The last laugh


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